Armor For Sleep Officially Announce ‘What To Do When You Are Dead’ Tenth Anniversary Tour

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After several days of teasing and trolling fans, Armor For Sleep have now revealed the big news they have been keeping in secret this entire time; they’ll be heading out on tour.

Like many fans had predicted and began to speculate, the group will be heading out on the “What To Do When You Are Dead Tenth Anniversary Tour.” The tour will begin in September and not wrap up, supposedly, until December. Funny enough, the album actually turned ten earlier this year in February.

AFS frontman Ben Jorgensen issued a statement of his own on behalf of the band officially announcing the tour and that tickets will go on sale beginning this Friday, July 24.

Read the full message after the poster for the tour.

image“We are excited to announce that we will be playing a select number of shows to celebrate the ten year anniversary of “what to do when…

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Goodbye, Past



“Don’t let your past dictate who you are, but let it be a lesson that strengthens the person you will become” – Unknown

We all have a past. But at one point in our lives, we are all guilty of not being able to leave behind something that was bad in the past. Instead, we let it come with us to haunt us in the future. Whether it be a bad memory, or just something you’re not proud of. Whatever it is, we have all experienced problems leaving something in the past. And what do we do instead of leaving it all behind? We let it destroy us. We let it define who we are. We let it eat us alive. We then start to think of ways that we could have changed or prevented whatever it was from happening. We question ourselves on why it happened. What should we be doing instead? Leaving it behind in the past where it belongs. The…

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You Are My Oblivion


You came unannounced one day
Disguised as a wingless angel
And little did I know
You were the last missing puzzle piece

I kissed your nicotine lips
An irreplaceable drug
You filled my lungs with air
Yet slowly killing me with poison

You taught me what love feels like
And then how it feels to lose it
You showed me who I was
And who I really am

You weren’t mine to begin with
And not to end with
You looked like everything I wanted
And then something I hated

Have you ever felt so broken
Have you ever felt so lost
Have you ever closed yourself
When you used to be so open

Not a day goes by without you on my mind
Not a day goes by without me suffocating
Some days I hated every thought of you
Some days I miss you more than most

They say…

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A Work in Progress

cor meum

Those late-night conversations are what I miss most. Those baring soul-to-soul exchanges.The way the early morning hours encourage honesty and bravery, that the regular day-time simply does not. How “I love you”, “I want you” and “Fuck you” all seem to glide off the tongue. Effortlessly. Ordinarily.

There’s something sacred about being awake with someone, when sleep has enveloped the rest of the world.
Something undoubtedly more private.

Our eyelids linger, longer with each blink. Sticky. Willing us to keep them shut. But sleeping would mean missing out on this. Missing out on you.
Even though it’s long since been extinguished, we continue to light this toxic, exhausted flame.
Occasionally only, when self-righteousness reaches the end of its thread, and we need a guilt-drenched fix.

Sleep slurs our speech. Hanging heavily on our tongues. A hopeful reminder. That instead of slumber, we choose each other, even if just for…

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